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30_musesecrets's Journal

30 Muse Secrets
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Inspired by theme communities such as 30_kisses and fanfic100 and the concept of fictional character secrets by muse_secrets and writing secrets in text by textsecret, 30_musesecrets is a low-pressured community for writers (who can't create postcards because their graphic skills is lacking *coughs*) and artists alike (if you preferred drawing secrets).

You may write a secret for one character or two, a group, a pairing, let your creative skills fly! For art, you may draw your own postcard.

Just a warning beforehand: This community contain mature content (isn't that what secrets are for?) Read at your own discretion. Yaoi/slash/boy love, het, and yuri are all encouraged all around and welcomed, thus flaming is not permitted.

1) No claiming for characters. Meaning two people or even ten may write for one same character. This eliminates competition and the crazy pressure to finish on time before a certain deadline.

2) No time limit. Nope. It's free for all. No deadline, remember?

3) You may write for one theme or write combinations. However, please write more than one sentence. One sentence is not long enough, I appreciate it if you write at least 2 or 3 for depth. Word length can go up to 100 words (drabbles) to 500 (ficlets) or even more than 1,000 (shorts), but remember to put it behind an lj-cut.

If you're writing/drawing for original works and worry about the issue of showing it off in public, then have it friends-locked.

4) Please make everything fictional. Don't aim your secrets at somebody in real life. Fandom and original works only. Hey, even fanon is accepted.

5) For optimal results, refrain from saying names. :)

6) Lastly, you may write secrets for RP characters too, but no RPing in the community please.

Please follow the format strictly. The fandom, the characters you're writing for, I need specific information to have it listed in the memories and tags.

Theme: (include the number AND theme please)
Warnings: If it has 'highly questionable' material like sexual content, rape, devil worship or what have you. NECESSARY for anything R or higher.

And this in the subject line:
[Fandom] [Character/Pairing/Group] [Theme#]


Interpret as you will. The theme in parenthesis is optional or just a further interpretion of the theme. You may combine, your interpretations depends on you. You may start with any theme in no chronological order.

1) Love
2) Hate
3) Sin (mistake)
4) Addiction (obssession)
5) Failure
6) Perfection (vanity)
7) Death (suicide)
8) Kill
9) Lucky
10) Joy
11) Thoughtful
12) Longing
13) Envy (grudge)
14) Forgiveness
15) Secret (fear)

The rest of the 15 themes is writer's choice. You may reuse as many themes as you wish.

I accept affilates! Please comment here and I'll add your theme community to the list!

- 30enemies
- one_blanket
- 11_reasons
- oneblanket_v2
- mixpotions
- 78_tarot
- daily_themes
- Listed at 150_comms!

Questions, comments, suggestions? Contact me, the mod at: staymyadamant or comment here. As more fandoms were written for, I will add them to the interest list. =D